Wiring harness

Part Number: 30798479

For cars with subwoofer option For new installation Plug-in Hybrid/Twin Engine

Fits S60, S80, V60, V70, XC60, XC70

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Infotainment extra wiring Diagram
adapter wiring infotainment
Antenna satellite radio accessory Diagram
adapter FOR 30672931 infotainment
Radio, Sirius satellite radio US, CA Sirius satellite radio offers a unique and high class range of music, sports, and news around the clock, completely digital and without commercial breaks. Diagram
V70, XC70 US- 30737 800 V70, XC70 CA- 30732 863 + Application1 V70, XC70 US, CA- 30752 180 + An adapter cable harness is required for cars equipped with subwoofer V70, XC70 Adapter wiring US, CA- 30798 479 Sirius satellite radio gives you more than 100 channels to choose from. Over 60 channels of music, without commercial breaks, and more than 40 channels of sport and news, with fully digital sound. Sirius offers a unique and first-class range of music, sport and news around the clock. Three satellites orbiting above the American continent, together with ground transmitters ensure good digital radio reception. It does not matter which model of audio system you have when connecting to Sirius.
DAB digital radio 09- DAB digital radio makes it possible to enjoy full digital radio in your car, with interference free reception and superb sound quality. It also gives access to a large selection of unique radio stations. Diagram
V70, XC70, -09- 31266 809 + An adapter cable is required on cars equipped with a subwoofer V70, XC70 30798 479 + Application V70, XC70 31266 811 DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) digital radio gives you the opportunity to listen to digital radio transmissions. The advantage of digital radio compared with analog radio is digital radio gives the possibility of more stations and greater sound quality. It makes it easier to find and navigate between channels. The digital transmissions also make it possible to receive text news and program information on the radio display, e.g. program type, program name, artist info and song title.
Cable harness infotainment Diagram
V70 CH -213000. adapter wiring XC70 CH -118000. infotainment
Cable harness infotainment Diagram
adapter wiring CH -213000
CH -118000
Antenna system Diagram
CH -213000 FOR 30672931
CH -118000 adapter infotainment
Antenna system Diagram
CH -213000 FOR 30672931
Cable harness infotainment Diagram
adapter wiring
V70 CH -213000.
XC70 CH -118000.

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