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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all parts original Volvo?

Yes, all our parts are purchased directly from Volvo Motor Corporation.

How can I tell what side of the vehicle is left or right?

The side is determined as you are sitting in the vehicle. Left would be driver’s and right would be passenger’s.

What is a vin and why do you need it?

“Vin” is the Vehicle Identification Number, also known as chassis or serial number. It can be found on the vehicle registration, title, or insurance card. It is also stamped into the left side of the dashboard and can be seen by looking through the windshield. The vin is used to confirm that the part numbers ordered will be an exact fit for the vehicle, and will be the correct color (where applicable).

Can I buy a software application update or reload and install it myself?

No. Software applications or reloads are not for sale. They are only listed in the catalog to show they are needed when replacing that particular part. When a software update is required it can only be purchased and installed at a Volvo dealer or repair shop that has the necessary equipment.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. All credit card information stays on the secured servers at an alternate location. The parts staff does not get the card number’s and cannot access that information. Any charge against your credit card from our website can only be done by you. It is important to not use the back button or double click the pay button when checking out.

Are brake pads and brake discs kits for both wheels?

Brake pad kits are complete for either both front wheels or both rear wheels. Brake disc kits are for 1 wheel only so 2 would be required to do both sides, or 4 would be required to do front and rear.